One of the biggest issues we face here in South Africa is that of our countries approximately 2.5 million vulnerable children.

The Baby Home is a safe haven for abandoned and orphaned babies and babies given up for adoption. As a part of this project, we use the media to promote and advocate adoption as an integral part of the family planning process, rather than plan ‘b’ for those that can’t conceive. 

Bjorn and Jo Teunissen are what we call “crisis parents”. They run the Durban North Baby Home working with our team of wonderful carers to provide the best possible start in life for our babies. They are both educators by profession and have a passion for children. 

In 2014 when they adopted their son Emmanuel from a local Child and Youth Care Centre, the seed was planted for them to open a Baby Home. They reached out to The Peace Agency and in December 2015 the doors of the Durban North Baby Home were opened. With their experience of adoption and their expertise as teachers, they took to their new role as crisis parents as if they had been waiting all their lives to do it.

Jo and Bjorn have 3 of their own kids and care for up to six in the Baby Home at any given time. You can imagine….they will gladly accept all the help they can get!


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