More than 60% of girls in our country stay away from school for up to a week during their period. Over the course of a year these young ladies could feasibly miss between 70 and 80 days of school. So nearly two thirds of South African school girls will miss between two and three months of lessons every year simply as a result of menstruation.

Over the course of a girl’s 5 year high school career she could miss over a year-and-a-half of school. This is certainly a contributor to the fact that only 39% of KZN children who were enrolled in Grade 2 in 2001 matriculated in 2011.

Girls who come from poorer homes are often unable to afford sanitary products. They will make do with toilet paper or in many instances even share used sanitary pads. Embarrassed and stripped of their dignity they will either leave school early and not return until their period is over, or not attend school at all during this time. The impact on their education is disastrous.

The Peace Agency has partnered with Sue Barnes, a Durban resident and founder of local non-profit organisation Project Dignity which distributes Subz Pads and Pants. These are fully washable, reusable sanitary pad-cum-pantie sets designed specifically for less privileged girls.

A pack containing 2 x 100% cotton panties and 6 ultra-absorbent, multi-layered washable pads costs just R190 and will last for 3 years.


If you would like more information, please email  

To sponsor a girl, please us the following details:

Account name: The Peace Agency

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Durban North

Branch code: 22 04 26

Account: 6271 805 6874

Reference: Project Dignity


  For more information on Sue & Subz Pads visit her website




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