The aim of BabyLine is to provide counselling to birthmothers in need to prevent abandonment, support them in their efforts to care for their babies and offer safe alternative options when they cannot.

BabyLine will do this by providing a phone/WhatsApp line that mothers can contact.  The line will be manned by a full-time qualified and experienced social worker with trainee social workers.

Mothers who call the BabyLine will be given counselling, support and information. Rather than meeting their physical needs, BabyLine will refer them to local organisations or individuals who can meet their needs. Our growing network includes non-profit and faith-based organisations, community members and other individuals who provide support and assistance to women in need.

The network will grow in capacity and scale to ensure that mothers from every corner of Kwa-Zulu Natal will find and receive the help they need.

This will provide us with the blueprint to role BabyLine out nationally.



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Hammarsdale Centre

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