The Adoption Companion aims to provide referrals to the best adoption practitioners and to give guidance in starting your journey by directing you to adoption service providers who are established, reputable and properly accredited.  

Adoption resources for self-education are made available to assist you in learning more about all that adoption entails so that you are prepared for your journey.

By making knowledgeable referrals that will satisfy the needs of each individual family, the adoption journey becomes as smooth and hassle-free as possible for parents, which means that you are able to really enjoy each milestone as it happens and truly celebrate the beauty of welcoming a child into your lives.

You will be given several options for referral and the differences between them will be explained to you so that you can make an informed decision as to which route you go.

Families of The Adoption Companion are never left floundering in a sea of paperwork and unanswered phone calls - they always have someone to talk to in order to find out “who” in the adoption world can best assist them with their particular needs.

Help is also available in making sure that families fully understand post-adoption Home Affairs process:  how to go about doing this, what forms to fill in, the costs involved and the general timeframes. This will reduce the hassle of changing your child’s name, getting a new ID number and birth certificate and passport.

You will have a companion on your adoption journey pointing you in the right direction so that adoption is a beautiful and memorable journey of love and a cause for celebration.



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